Until 6 years ago, I was living and working in a permaculture eco-village community near Noosa, Australia. My days were full of nature restoration projects, permaculture workshops, food forests and sustainable living.

When I fell in love with a Dutch man, and moved to Geffen, my heart longed for the sounds of wild nature. Bird songs, frogs, whispering leaves.

It began with planting a few fruit trees. Stealing the autumn leaves piled on the sides of roads to enrich the ground. Building a labyrinth and medicine wheel to connect with the earth-song, the ley-lines. Listening.

Then I became captivated by Spring. The immense life-force springing forth from soil and branch, each day a surprise and a gift.

Our food forest and nature restoration has grown organically from our passion, strongly founded with years of experience in nature restoration, water management and permaculture and with deep respect for nature and her intrinsic wisdom.

It has been a winding path that lead me here. I began my journey as a young lawyer, using this training and experience to begin a Rudolf Steiner School for my son in 1993. I managed the school for it’s start-up 7 years to a thriving, financially successful school with waiting lists. This is where I developed my love for Biodynamics. I consulted with other schools and not-for-profits for the next years and from there decided to start an intentional community / eco-village as a solution for collapsing ecological, societal and financial systems locally and around the globe.

Living in this holistically sustaining community deepened my connection with the earth, with First Nations (indigenous) people and nature. For a decade I hosted, organised and participated in a plethora of courses, workshops and activities and experienced permaculture as a way of living.